Monday, March 1, 2010

style idol: nancy drew

Nancy in the 1930s
Nancy 1930s 
In the early days, Nancy was perpetually in heels, regardless of the situation. She also understood the value of a put-together ensemble, and often included a jaunty scarf.  Oh, and her hats!  I couldn't include it in the polyvore above, but here's a hat Nancy would most certainly have had in her closet.
From book one, Nancy was never far from her blue "roadster."
Slate Stripes Shift - Anthropologie, $130
No-Fault Cobalt Coat-Mod Cloth, $165
Foil-Wrapped Heels, $360
Pulsing Paisley Scarf - Anthropologie, $38
SE Necklace Magnifier on a Gold Chain, $3.23
Royal Wiht Cloche with Vintage Pearl Buttons, $350 (handmade by Behida Dolic)
Car is a 1930 Gardner Coupe

*this is first in a series on Nancy Drew's fashion through the decades. Browse full series: 1930s-1950s-1970s-1990s-Now


Christine said...

i thought that was polyvore x) coolness. i dressed up as the old nan drew for halloween a few years ago:)

Kelly Anne said...

I have, too! It's my standby costume. Although, ironically, I lost my magnifying glass the last time I dressed up as Nancy.