Wednesday, March 3, 2010

style idol: nancy drew

Nancy in the 70s
Nancy 70s 
This one I actually had the most trouble with, since most of the original Nancy Drews I read were the 1970s reissues from the library, so I have a TON of memories of them.  Added to this is the fact that by the 70s the cover art was more about conveying ACTION and SUSPENSE (see above) than accurately portraying Nancy's outfits.  I HAD to put boots in this one, because I can clearly remember seeing an internal illustration in which Nancy is wearing go-go boots.  If anyone knows which book that came from, I would love to know!

Looking through the cover archives from the 70s, I noticed (when more than just Nancy's face is visible) that she's nearly always wearing a structured top.  This dress is a little old-fashioned for the 70s, but then Nancy has always been a little old-fashioned herself.  But not afraid of color, oh no, which is why I threw that fantastic pair of tights in there, too (also because I really want them). Nancy was always prepared, so you have to imagine that her bag would be stocked with notebook, sharpened pencils, and probably a flashlight, too.
By this time, she would totally have been driving one of these.

Reed Shirtdress by Anthropologie, $120
From Every Bangle by Modcloth, $16
Edie Earrings by Modcloth, $12
Tonal Argyle Tight by Kate Spade, $19
Fiona Stitch Pull On Boot by Frye, $195
Perfectly Persimmon Bag by Modcloth, $160
Picnic Notebook by Curiosity Shoppe, $12
SE Glass Lens 5x Magnifier by Amazon, $2.85
Car is a 1970 Pontiac GTO
Cover art from here

*this is third in a series on Nancy Drew's fashion through the decades. Browse full series: 1930s-1950s-1970s-1990s-Now

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