Thursday, March 4, 2010

style idol: nancy drew

Nancy in the 90s
Nancy 90s
If you're paying attention, then you'll notice that this is a bit of an outlier from the rest.  The easy explanation is that the Nancy Drew Mystery editions on which I based the first three posts in the series were no longer being made in the 90s.  Nancy lost her iconic yellow spine, hardcover, and internal illustrations and came issued in paperbacks by Minstral.  So there's that.  However, if the 70s post was informed by memories of the books from my youth, than this one is REALLY informed.  By the early 90s, I was tearing through these paperbacks like it was my job, plus I was wearing all of the things Nancy was depicted in on the covers.  This one was TOUGH.  If I could have found a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper to put in there, believe you me, there'd be one.

So here goes: can you believe that they're selling stirrup pants again?  They totally are!  It was hard going with pants after all those pretty dresses, but the simple truth was that Nancy's days of climbing through windows in heels were behind her.  I searched long and hard for the perfect bag for this one because it had to be a mini backpack.  EVERYONE had those stupid things, and I imagine Nancy would be no different.  Same goes for the wayfarers and calculator watch.  That was pretty cutting edge tech (I won mine in a school sale and treasured it for many weeks).
What with the changing of the times, Nancy might even have gone for a hardier blue convertible, like this 1990 Wrangler.  This was going to be the last post, but I feel I need to purge my system of all that 90s, so you'll get a modern Nancy tomorrow.  Yay!

Stretch Velvet Sirrup Legging by American Apparel, $45
Lucy Low-Tops by Marais USA, $48
Britt Shirt by Abercrombie & Fitch, $68
Spring Cardigan by American Eagle Outfitters, $29.50
Deena & Ozzy Printed Backpack by Urban Outfitters, $58
Neon Retro Wayfarer Sunglasses from Amazon, $6.95
Unisex Datamat Calculator Watch by Vestal, $59.95
Oblong Reading Magnifying Glass from Amazon, $20.60
Flirty Florals Notebook by Mead, $3.29
book cover from here

*this is fourth in a series on Nancy Drew's fashion through the decades. Browse full series: 1930s-1950s-1970s-1990s-Now

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