Friday, May 15, 2009

makin' lists

little bro and me in Pompeii
Alright, people. I used to be such an intrepid traveler. Let's see if I can get that back.

In the bag:
- 3 cameras (Canon SLR, Sony Cybershot, Polaroid)
- brand spankin' new Moleskine (for the list)
- Pogo
- 3 packs of Pola film, 3 packs of Pogo paper
- McGruff, my trusty Macbook
- several J. Crew tanks
- my 3-in-1 dress

I'm worried about the flight, since I'm notoriously unable to sleep on planes. I will require entertainment:
- Kindle (actually my mom's but I have put a couple Harlequins on there for easy reading)
- Nintendo DS (haven't used it in months, but planning to get a game today)
- The Bosoms (been saving it for the trip!)
- and when I run out of things to do, Unisom.
- wearing my TOMs on the journey, for ease through airport security and comfort on the plane

Okay, time to fill the rest of this big yellow bag. Oh! I meant to say in my last post, but if you would like to get a postcard from beautiful Buenos Aires, shoot me an e-mail with your address: periwinkled(at)gmail(d0t)com. I will not sell it for tango lessons, I promise.

Adios! (for real this time)

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