Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We flew into Washington early yesterday morning, after 10 days in Argentina and two 11-hour flights. I'd intended to do a whole series of blog posts about Buenos Aires and set them to appear during this coming week, when I'll be gone yet again, but between unpacking, laundry, repacking, buying & preparing food, souvenir deliveries, a doctor's appointment, and sheer exhaustion, I simply didn't get to it. I'm sorry! Happily, I did get photos up on flickr! No polaroids, as my scanner threw a hissy fit this afternoon, but all the digitals. I do intend to share some stories from our time down south once I've settled in North Carolina for the summer, but until then, enjoy the photos!

mosaic detail 2

Note: most of the photos don't have much in the way of descriptions, but if you're curious, each should be tagged with the name of the barrio, or neighborhood, in which it was taken.

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Wu said...

These photos just take my breath away. Miss you and hope you have a fantastic trip in the so-called "cottages" (god they're just chateaux)....