Sunday, April 5, 2009

25 things

Hallo! I know that I have been sort of absent of late, and it's partially because I've been brewing something. I am not a very adventuresome person, which is not to say that I do not enjoy adventures--I do! I simply do not often seek them out. This makes me sad. In that spirit, I decided to take a big ole page right out of the hula seventy book and come up with 25 things to accomplish before I turn 25. This gives me a little over a year, until June 28, 2010. I'll be keeping track of them here. So! Here we go...

1. Take a photo drive down route 1
2. Get my 120 mm film developed
3. Take a train
4. Make a blurb book
5. Make my 6 crafts
6. Explore Eastern Market
7. Find a desk
8. Go blueberry picking at Mt Olympus
9. Visit R&E in St. Louis
10. Keep a plant alive
11. Take behind-the-scenes tour of The Whalehead Club
12. Visit Newark and Autumn
13. Go somewhere with a boardwalk
14. Sing karaoke
15. Have a slumber party
16. Take a photography class
17. Hike at least part of the Billy Goat Trail
18. Stand in the rain until I'm soaked to the skin
19. Be on a boat
20. See a play
21. Eat something I never, ever have before
22. Keep a travel journal
23. Spend a day with the bro
24. Ride a ferris wheel
25. Splurge on something

Aaaaaaaand go.

**photo from the fantastic Rodney Smith


Laura Marie said...

Next time I'm in DC, we're checking having a slumber party off of your list. I'll bring the food and cute pjs, you bring yourself and the movies.

Love you.

Kelly Anne said...

It's a date!

Marley said...

I love this list! Inspires me to make my own :-)

Yeah, you've been MIA! Miss hanging out with you!

Kelly Anne said...

I know, I know, and it's only going to get worse. Do make your own list, though, I heartily encourage it!