Thursday, April 17, 2008

La Puerta Originals

You could say that I like doors. You could also say that the Pope thinks that God's a pretty cool guy. That's a pretty equivalent understatement. So, as someone who loves unique and interesting doors the way that some people love to breathe, I feel safe in declaring: I've hit the motherlode.Introducing La Puerta Originals, a Santa Fe-based operation that takes a love of doors, conservation, and architecture and rolls it all up into one gorgeous package.
"What is now La Puerta Originals, started as one man's vision. Two decades ago, Scott Coleman, an architect and custom builder and traveler, adopted a hobby of combing the world for antique doors and old wood. The materials he initially salvaged were being discarded or destroyed in their countries of origin. The beauty of the pieces inspired him to recreate them into functional art. He began to fashion these old doors into new interior doors, impressive entry doors, wood gates, ornamental shutters and more."
They don't just do exterior doors, either. In fact, they can and will do just about anything: furniture, architectural elements, floors, ceilings, plus gates and interior doors.
Personally, my favourites are the smaller doors, particularly the following:

I can honestly say that there isn't one thing I dislike about La Puerta Originals. Okay, I lied, they could be a teensy bit closer to Virginia.

These photos taken from both the portfolio and installation sections of the site.

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autumn said...

wow- that is a lot of doors! They are really beautiful though!