Thursday, December 22, 2011

Funnelcloud Prints

I find that the art that has been catching my eye of late is chock-full of patterns and bright colors, ideally lots of both.  So it's no surprise that I went ape over these Funnelcloud Studio prints.  Funnelcloud is Rachel Roellke, who lives just one town over from mine!  What joy!  Scroll down for more happy prints:
One perk of her being a local is her fantastic patchwork Virginia print.  Is it weird that I love the shape of my state?  It seems somehow silly and yet also stately.  She also has DC and Maryland versions, and is taking requests for other states!  As much as I love the colors in the above prints (and lots more), as both a collector of river stones and builder of cairns in the wild, I fell head over heels for these:
Even in grayscale, those patterns just leap out at you.  And the shapes!  Is there a Funnelcloud Fan Club?  If so, sign me up.

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