Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas for the Dogs

I don't have the sort of disposable income that lends itself to showering my dog in gifts, but if I did, let's just be clear: I totally would.  I was tempted to make gift guides for a bunch of folks this year, but most of them read my blog, so I refrained.  My dog, however, cannot read.  Your loss, dog.  So here's what I would buy my perpetually joyful, occasionally anxious, constantly hungry, sleek and pretty black beast (and, to be fair, the rest of the canine parade in this house) for Christmas, if I could:

1. A rawhide bone it would take her more than 20 minutes to devour (bonus for the hilarity which would inevitably ensue when she attempted to carry it triumphantly through the house).
2. A colorful, versatile rope toy which can be tossed (Vista's preference) or tugged (Leilani's forte).
3. The miraculous Thundershirt, to sooth her separation anxiety.
4. A bouquet of Loofa toys, the best plush dog toys on the market (so sayeth the dogs).
5. A Slow 'Em Down pet bowl, to provide a challenge so she'll actually eat her food rather than inhale it.
6. Lots and lots and lots of tennis balls, her absolute favourite toy.
7. A pretty, strong leash to match her collar.

The thing I love about all of these goodies is that they're fun for both of us (well, the leash is mostly for me, but let's pretend).  I've heard great things about the Thundershirt, and something tells me we'll end up with one sooner or later, since we have two dogs of similar height and weight who suffer from very different forms of anxiety (in addition to Vista's sometimes violent separation anxiety, Leilani is a very loud, seemingly vicious anxious barker).  Sadly, my girl's only getting one item on this list this year (hint: it's the thing which will keep her from choking to death on her food), but if Santa brought us bottomless pails of tennis balls and rawhide bones, no one would complain.

How do you celebrate the holiday with your pets?  Our menagerie traditionally get one big bunch of toys to share (read: destroy before the end of Christmas day).  Last year, their cousin dogs gave them each a Loofa toy, which were the biggest hits.  Summer, Devourer of Tissues, mostly steals bits of wrapping paper all day long.

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