Saturday, December 24, 2011

Listening to: Muppet Christmas Carol

My absolute, hands-down, favourite Christmas movie is A Muppet Family Christmas, which my mother taped off of live tv on Beta sometime in the 80s.  That Beta tape was then converted to a VHS, which we watched every year (vintage Toys 'R Us commercials and all) without fail until sometime recently when it was replaced by the DVD.  However, we realized this year that the DVD is sadly and heavily edited (something about having the rights to broadcast certain songs on tv but not release on video or DVD, which seems extremely silly), so I've been watching my second favourite Christmas film: Muppet Christmas Carol.  Watching it, I've been reminded of how wonderful the film's music is, with original songs by Paul Williams.  The soundtrack isn't available for download (though you can bet I've ordered the CD), so I've been listening via Youtube.  Here are the songs gathered in one place, for your Youtube listening ease:
"One More Sleep Till Christmas"

"It Feels Like Christmas" - possibly my very favourite Christmas song

"'Tis the Season" - the teeniest, happiest little song

"Bless Us All"

"Thankful Heart"

Our version includes the controversial "When Love is Gone," but I've left it off of this because it isn't precisely a Christmas song.  It is, however, quite good (and for the record, as a 7-year-old, the song never felt "too adult" for me).  Happy Christmas Eve to all!  Will you be humming "One More Sleep Till Christmas" all day?  I know I will.

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