Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Roster

Since moving back here in May, I have been unemployed.  The combination of unlimited free time and almost no money has meant that I have spent most of my time in my parents' house (woo yeah adulthood!), primarily cooking, but also making close, almost scientific, observations of my dogs.  Since (I am thrilled to say) that as of tomorrow I will no longer be unemployed, I thought I would take this opportunity to sum up my findings.

Name: Leilani Moose
Breed: Black Lab/Norwegian Elkhound Mix
Age: 4
Status: Alpha
Nicknames: Thing 1, Lani, Lani Moose, Lei-lei, Sweet Girl, Moose-moose, Twitchy Witchy Girl
Favourite Thing: Growling suspiciously at children and small rodents
Nemesis: That Damn Chipmunk
Greatest Fear: That she'll have to spend the rest of her life with these numbskulls
Claim to Fame: Systematically disemboweling stuffed animals and scattering their limbs throughout the house
Name: Vista Pocahontas
Breed: Cocktail of various black dogs and probably also an antelope
Age: 2
Status: Beta
Nicknames: Thing 2, Vizzy, Vishnu, The Crazy One
Favourite Thing: You
Nemesis: "What did Lani say? What? The chipmunk? MINE IS TOTALLY ALSO THE CHIPMUNK"
Greatest Fear: That you will go away and she will never see you again
Claim to Fame: Can leap upwards of 4 feet in a single bound
Name: Summer Tangerine
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Age: 6
Status: Potato
Nicknames: Thing 3, Summer Bummer, The Dumb One, Doofus, The Little One, Little Face
Favourite Thing: Eating tissues
Nemesis: The Cat
Greatest Fear: Storm drains
Claim to Fame: Communicates in a peculiar language consisting of snorts and sneezes


Bronwyn said...

Congratulations on your new job! Also, your dogs are adorable...

Kelly Anne said...

Thank you and thank you! They're a bunch of monsters, but we like 'em.