Thursday, September 15, 2011

door of the day

I was scrolling through the latest post on Young House Love, when that incredible door caught my eye.  I sent a quick prayer to the Internet gods that John and Sherry would take a close-up of it, and they quickly provided.  In fact, not only did we get a close-up, we got an explanation.
Of course, the most popular conversation piece in their new home is this custom cabinet. Most of the houses in the development have a little builder-basic white closet here, but the previous owners went all out and had a piece designed using reclaimed wood and ironwork from Caravati’s (a local architectural salvage place).
That's my kind of cabinet, man.  And a really great attitude to have about a new house.  Not married to the plain white everywhere you look?  Throw up an old, funky blue alternative.

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Bronwyn said...

Wow, that is an incredible cabinet!