Thursday, September 15, 2011

more kitchen adventures

More adventures in "Kelly is Poor and Can't Cook!"
More photos of food.  These days, all I do is take photos of food.  This was a breakfast last week.  Mmmm, honeydew.  If you don't eat honeydew by squeezing a lime wedge all over it, then you don't really eat honeydew.
I got an itching for sugar last week in the middle of torrential rain and floods, but I wasn't willing to leave the house to fetch ingredients, so I made Snickerdoodles.  I used this Mouth from the South recipe, for the most part.  I ran out of vanilla and refused to even walk across the street to borrow some from a neighbor, so we went without.  I don't think the cookies suffered unduly.
The verdict on these cookies was delicious, but I caution you thusly: you may think the recipe makes snickerdoodles, and you wouldn't be wrong.  However, you should know that what it actually makes is MORE SNICKERDOODLES THAN YOU HAVE EVER SEEN AT ONCE IN YOUR LIFE.  My total came to 71.  71 snickdoodles.  That is...a lot of snickerdoodles.  I stuck with the recommended one-inch ball of dough, and the cookies were a bit crispy.  I prefer my snickerdoodles soft enough to sleep on, so I just snuck them in the microwave for 30 seconds whenever I felt like munching on one or two.  Perfection.

Do you notice how dark these photos are?  I took lots more, but they were just too dark or obviously flash-y.  I baked these cookies in the middle of the day.  During our week of storms, the middle of the day looked like the middle of the night.

And, just for honesty's sake, this is what it looks like when I bake cookies:
I tell myself that everything would be pretty and neat if only I had a stand mixer, but I know that's a lie. Where Kelly and flour intersect, chaos will always follow.

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