Monday, April 12, 2010

mine mine mine

In my house, the rule is generally eat it or lose it.  I live with a midnight muncher who has a tendency to reach in the fridge and grab whatever he touches even if it's covered with my name.  When my brother is home, it's even worse.  I have become rather protective of my food, especially my sweets.  So, last night when my friend Chris gifted me with a plate of frosted banana scrumptiousness, I was determined that it would survive to be consumed on the morrow.
I am very mature.


Laura Marie said...

What if your bestest bud came home from, oh, say NYC, and opened your fridge to see the banana deliciousness and asked for a piece?

Would you share? Well, would ya?

Kelly Anne said...

only if you ASKED.

Laura Marie said...

I am glad that I am banana deliciousness-worthy.