Monday, April 12, 2010


When my family first moved into our house, the basement was unfinished, a vast expanse of concrete floor, shiny insulation walls, and wood frame ceilings. My brother and I tried to outfit it as a "hang out space" despite its barrenness, and one of our better ideas (which I take full credit for) was hanging a double hammock swing from one of the wood beams.  However, it wasn't very well secured (we were, what, 14 and 11 at the time?) and came crashing down one memorable summer day, embarrassingly while two of my friends were in it.  It's still one of my favourite things that we almost made work, and one I would love to duplicate someday.

This morning, this showed up in my inbox:
Dude has a swing.  In his living room.  NO FAIR.
(in all seriousness, there is a lot to love in this space)

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