Tuesday, October 6, 2009

weekend in polaroids

This past weekend was so uneventful that that in itself made it sort of eventful.  Does that make sense?  It was just the animals and me, so I was constantly trying to think up things to do to keep us all occupied.  At some point, I decided to document it in polaroids, my favourite medium.
On Saturday morning, Laura was in town, so she and I took Leilani and went to Oktoberfest in downtown Vienna.  We walked about taking in the sights, Laura impressed the hell out of a local author with her business card, and Leilani consumed far too many complimentary dog biscuits.  Ironically, neither of us had any beer (Laura went with wine and I'm such a lightweight it's a hazard), but Lani did have a beer-flavored biscuit.  The bike trail that bisects the center of town runs along where the train tracks used to be, so there is an old red caboose, as well as these signs, to commemorate it.
wrinkle in time
My friend J, after learning that I'd never read it, lent me her copy of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle.  I wanted to read it, but I also wanted to be outside in the sun (plus the dogs tend to be where I am and they needed the exercise), so on Sunday I dragged my old blanket and a pillow outside.  As I expected, both dogs ran around like crazy women, snuffling through the woods and inciting the poor lonely golden doodle who lives behind us.  At one point, Leilani attempted to flop down next to me and smacked me in the head with her behind.  Good times had by all.
While I was outside, I checked on the autumn garden, and discovered several peppers coming in.  I was reminded how freaking amazing it is to watch things grow.
Last week, I made (somewhat successful) pizza fritta from scratch, and as a result I have a boatload of pizza dough left over. On Saturday, I made a regular pizza, but wasn't in the mood for a repeat on Sunday. So I made foccacia instead. I found the recipe on a blog which I cannot for the life of me relocate, but it was good!

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the NEO-traditionalist said...

That focaccia looks delicious. Your eventful uneventful weekend looks as though it was splendid.