Thursday, October 1, 2009

because there will be pie

This post is at the request of my best friend.  You will see why in a moment.

Neil Gaiman is my favourite author, so when his latest book won the Newbery Award, I was understandably thrilled.  I read it over the summer and loved it, which greatly increased the thrill.  Well, as of this week The Graveyard Book has been on the New York Times bestsellers list for a full year, an occasion which evidently merits pie.  Neil's editor promised him that she would bake him a pie if the book stayed on the bestseller list for 52 weeks, and apparently Neil feels that it is only fair to counter with pie for all:
"So now Merrilee and I are plotting ways to send pie to HarperChildrens (my initial plan of finding a bakery in New York that would enthusiastically make an amazing pie big enough to feed 125 people seems to have been sunk by real life)."
I read this, and my immediate reaction was to send it on to Laura, with the message "I think this means you get pie."  Laura, who I've known since preschool, hated in 7th grade (she was such a suck-up), and fell into gleeful best friendship with in 8th grade, is a publishing graduate student at NYU and works for HarperChildrens.  She is one of the most mature, composed, take-charge people I know, and her response to my e-mail was: "I GET PIE! I GET PIE!" followed by "Are you going to blog about me getting pie? 'Cause I seriously want you to. Pretty please? Pretty please with cherries on top?"

And so I have.  Just for her.  And for pie.

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Laura Marie said...

Today, I received our pies.

It was a very, very exciting day.

Neil Gaiman, this assistant thanks you.