Sunday, August 23, 2009

buenos aires journal

BA Journal1

So, this is a belated entry to say the least. I know, I know. I was distracted! Anyway, as you might recall, one of the items on the list (which is coming along pretty well, I think) was to put together a travel journal I could be proud to look back on. Since the family trip to Buenos Aires was right around the corner, I figured it was a good opportunity and picked up a class 8x5 Moleskine notebook and, on a whim, got a PoGo to really punch up my journal. Since I can't draw, I figured that photographs were the next best thing. Anyway, here are a few pages of the journal, in no particular order. If you're really interested, I would be happy to scan the rest!

BA Journal2BA Journal3
BA Journal4
BA Journal 5

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Laura Marie said...


This is SO awesome. I love that you did this.