Monday, June 8, 2009

brief stop

Well, I have returned, triumphant, from my quest to conquer Rhode Island (see above photo, courtesy of the ever lovely Miss G). I wish I could say I have also returned to a somewhat regular blogging schedule, but sadly I am only pausing for a day and a half to do laundry and repack the car before departing again. More details on THAT once I'm settled.
This most recent trip, was actually a summer school offered by the Victorian Society in America. I was in Newport, RI for a total of 10 days, about 8 of which were spent attending lectures, receptions, and exploring some of the fantastic buildings in that area of the country with architectural historian (and all-around great man) Richard Guy Wilson of the University of Virginia. I highly recommend it for fans of Victorian interiors and/or exteriors, although I should probably caution that Richard will gleefully walk your feet off: be warned.
In addition to the homes we saw, we also toured several churches and municipal buildings. I must say, I came away with such an awe and appreciation for opalescent (or "favrile," if you're asking L.C. Tiffany) glass. My goodness, but I saw some gorgeous windows.
I took over 1,000 photos (which is nowhere near the amounts snapped by some of my classmates), of which 350 or so are on Facebook in two albums. I simply adored the coastal landscape we saw--it was cold, but gorgeous. That's all for now, I shall leave you with a short (30 second) video of waves crashing off the Cliff Walk, and hopefully return soon!

Rhode Island Waves from Kelly Williams on Vimeo.

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