Saturday, May 9, 2009


So I managed to miss Polaroid Week 09 entirely, thanks to several papers and a cranky scanner (the one time I tried to upload new photos it flatly refused and I just gave up). So I'm a day late, but here's a glimpse of what spring looks like around here.
My parents' lovely house on the last sunny day we had last week before the deluge set it. I had just noticed the house number up there (it's on a corner near the garage, nowhere near the front door), where it has presumably lived the entirety of the near-decade of the house's life without me knowing it.
This is from this morning. I don't have a desk (if you recall, it's on the list), but when it's nice out, I do some of my best writing out on the porch. The current paper is NOT going well, but at least I have a nice view while I pull my hair out over it. Click on the photo to see details about my front porch camp-out kit.

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