Saturday, May 9, 2009


I had a conversation with a friend a couple months back, in which we came to the conclusion that while she was a nightgowns and cute skirts type of person, I was a ratty t-shirts and comfy jeans type of person (we were sharing a hotel room, so clothing was discussed). While I know this to be true, I have always wanted to be the kind of girl who is comfortable wearing a dress to the grocery, around the house, etc, and not just to brunch on Sunday.
Alison Dress, Avian Dress, Circle Skirt Day Dress
I think if I had any of these frocks from Trashy Diva, I would make a point to wear them anywhere and everywhere.
This is just a sample of their wares--I love just about all of them!

found via Casey, who you can see modeling her own TD dress here.

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Veronica Hohenstein said...

I have to agree with your friend. I am oddly not comfortable in jeans and a tee. How often do you see me wearing either?

On a side note, I DIE over those dresses.