Monday, March 9, 2009

sleeping porches

It's been so warm here the past few days (hard to believe only a week ago we had 6 inches of snow on the ground!) that I've been sleeping with my windows open, one of my favourite things to do. My room in the house I grew up in was over the garage and had two outside walls, meaning that it was freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer, so anything I could do to get a breeze in there, I did. As a result, I can't imagine not sleeping with my windows open when it's warm. The dogs love it because they can see, hear, and small everything while still lying comfortably on the bed, and I love the fresh air and the sounds of night. It makes me think I'm on a sleeping porch.
Sleeping porches had been common in the South for years (due to the great heat during the summer), but became popular elsewhere at the turn of the century, often in bungalow houses (most famously in the Gamble House). Health experts touted fresh air as a cure all for all sorts of afflictions, but most commonly for tuberculosis, which was the leading cause of death at the time.
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Sleeping porches were usually on the second floor and often on corners of the house to take advantage of crosswinds.
A swinging bed--how lovely would this be in the breeze?
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Marley said...

My parents house has a sleeping porch. It's where my mom slept as a little girl :-)

I always wanted to put hammocks back there