Wednesday, March 11, 2009

movie movie movie

Here are two movies I am super psyched about, for very, very different reasons.

Public Enemies

When I worked at the National Law Enforcement Museum, I did a whole bunch of research about John Dillinger, a ruthless bank robber who managed to escape from prison not once, but twice. So there's that, plus Johnny Depp! Christian Bale! Also, I love me some prohibition-era goodness.


Aside from the fact that it looks ADORABLE and features adoption and adoption by a single person (subjects near and dear to my heart), there's also Paul Dano who I have this nerdy little crush on. Love that boy.


Anonymous said...

the Gigantic movie looks great! I hadn't seen the trailer yet...

Marley said...

I'm so stoked about Public Enemies! I can't wait to see it :-)