Friday, March 13, 2009

five senses friday

Taking a cue from Abby's genius idea, this is a sort of "best of" for my week based on the senses. Abby's got a list of all of the bloggers playing this game today, so for more, check her blog!

Mom's Irish Soda Bread (recipe here)

Harry Potter covers in the style of classic Penguin books (sadly, fictional)

Kent Henderson's fantastic photos

My new favourite webcomic, Dovecote Crest (recent DRAMATIC PLOT TWIST)

The lava stone massage lucky Marley's hubby treated her to.

Glimpses of sweet spring in the air earlier this week.

Chips and vinegar from my end-of-midterms celebratory meal at the Elephant & Castle.

Talk by co-curators of the newly opened Greene & Greene exhibit at lunch today.

The FotC song G got stuck in my head during a midterm, which then morphed into something very different.

photo by neil krug


Marley said...

I love it! what a great idea :-) Maybe I will use the senses to inspire my photos these next few days

Kelly Anne said...

OOh, go for it!