Tuesday, January 20, 2009

like a dream of salt

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It snowed here today. Only for a few hours, but as soon as I realized it, I grabbed the dog and we went walking in it. I love snow. The dog's half Norwegian Elkhound, so she's partial to it, as well. Nothing stuck to the ground, but during those few hours, I ran outside again and again to stand in it. I love snow.

The cold, the snow, the fact that it was just the dog, the cat, and me; everything about the day made me think of this poem as I settled into bed. It's one of my favourites.

From the window I saw the horses.

I was in Berlin, in winter. The light
was without light, the sky without sky.

The air white like wet bread.

And from my window a vacant arena,
bitten by the teeth of winter.

Suddenly, led by a man,
ten horses stepped out into the mist.

Hardly had they surged forth, like flame,
than to my eyes they filled the whole world,
empty till then. Perfect, ablaze,
they were like ten gods with pure wide hoofs,
with manes like a dream of salt.

Their rumps were worlds and oranges.

Their color was honey, amber, fire.

Their necks were towers
cut from the stone of pride,
and behind their transparent eyes
energy raged, like a prisoner.

And there, in the silence, in the middle
of the day, of the dark, slovenly winter,
the intense horses were blood
and rhythm, the animating treasure of life.

I looked, I looked and was reborn: without knowing it,
there, was the fountain, the dance of gold, the sky,
the fire that revived in beauty.

I have forgotten that dark Berlin winter.

I will not forget the light of the horses.
Pablo Neruda, Horses

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