Tuesday, January 20, 2009

go for gold

Perhaps it is because I spent several hours over the last few days looking at my grandmother's old photo albums and scrapbooks, but I LOVE these dresses by E.C. Star at Modcloth. They're very reminiscent of my mother's debut. In fact, I find that I like pretty much all of E.C. Star' retro-inspired dresses. If I were attending an Inauguration Ball tonight, I would totally rock one of these beauties.

In related news, any second thoughts I might have had about choosing to stay home for Inauguration are being put to rest by the DCist twitter. It is also making me extremely nervous about how I'm going to get to school tomorrow, as Metro station after Metro station falls like dominoes in a line. Hulu has streaming coverage of the proceedings, so I'm set. To all of you downtown, I salute you! Good luck!

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