Monday, September 15, 2008

Adams love, love, love

So I've been spending a lot of time at the Library of Congress lately. It's an incredible resource, not to mention a beautiful place. The LOC has three buildings: the Jefferson, the Adams, and the Madison. The Jefferson is the oldest (1897) and most overtly impressive of the three. With the Great Hall and the gorgeous dome in the Main Reading Room, it is by far the tourist hotspot. The Madison is the most recent of the three, it opened in 1976. The building looks rather boxy and plain until you stand directly in front of the main door.

But my favourite, oh, my favourite is the Adams Building (see top photo). Completed in 1939, this baby is aaaaaaall Deco.
from Dan_DCabove two images from pixelmasseuse (who's also got many other great shots of DC and area events)
Unfortunately for me, the Main Reading Room is where all of my resources are located these days, so I have to make special trips to the Adams. I don't mind, though. It is so worth it.

Images, except for those marked otherwise, were found via the LOC Prints and Photographs catalog. Photographer credit was not given.

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