Monday, August 4, 2008

Whalehead Club

Whalehead Club
Hello, I'm back! I'm still (reluctantly) recovering from my vacation, but I've just been dying to talk about the Whalehead Club, so you'll have to excuse the long informative post. Lovers of Art Nouveau, take note! Located in Corolla, NC, it's just north of my family's annual beach retreat. I am astonished that I'd managed to go so many years without knowing of the treasures this place holds.
front entrance
By the time this house, originally called Corolla Island, was built by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Collings Knight, Jr. in 1922, Art Nouveau had been out of fashion for 20 years. The Knights must have loved it, however, as its graceful patterns are present throughout the house. The place is amazingly intact considering that the Knights passed away in the 40s and the house was subsequently sold (for a pittance, at that).
The exterior architectural details, many of which predate the house and were probably taken from a previous residence of Mrs. Knight, are in great condition, to say nothing of the amazing interior. The glass and bronze of the light fixtures in the dining room and entry are Tiffany and original. Most of the dining room furniture is original, as well (only one of the below chairs is, the rest are reproductions).
nouveau dining
But oh, oh, just look at this clock! I apologize for the shoddy photo quality, I couldn't use a flash. This, as well as several other pieces from the house's library, was design by Louis Majorelle, a fantastic Art Nouveau cabinet maker.
stand talldetail top

Here are all of my photos from the Whalehead Club. There are lots more on Flickr, as well. Hope you enjoyed my burst of nerdiness!

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