Monday, August 4, 2008

is it next year yet?

Okay, this is my returned-from-the-beach post, for serious this time. My family has been going to the same place since before my mother was born, and in my lifetime it has even been to the same house (my uncle built it). Every year it gets harder to come home, y'all. But here's some eye candy for you, from one of the four cameras I took with me.
travel companion
Leilani was my travel companion this trip. She got a big kick out of all the sea air.
jetski day
Got a polaroid of that one, too, but my scanner is on its period or something and refuses to cooperate unless bribed with chocolate. And I'm not willing to sacrifice good chocolate.
better days
no room for umbrellas
mighty sandcrab hunter
Lastly, here's a short, and very dark film of the spectacular storm we had near the end of out stay. We had thunderstorms just about every night, but this one was incredible. What you can see in the clip is the lightning within the storm clouds lighting them up from the inside out.

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