Monday, August 25, 2008

tough bikers brake for puppies

After offering to help a man find home for his pit bull puppies, one of the men (Big Ant, farthest from the camera) decided to adopt one himself. They also offered to take the owner's other female dogs and have them spayed and returned to him at no cost.

Cute Overload linked to this wonderful New York Times article about an animal rescue group called Rescue Ink composed of tattooed biker dudes. The photos that accompany the article are wonderful. Here is a bunch of scary-looking dudes doing some seriously awesome good work. They are not vigilantes, they're clear on that. One of their number is a retired homicide detective with 20 years on the force. No, they're all about getting abused animals away from their abusers. Any legal action that needs to be taken is turned over to the authorities.

Check out their website for more information. They even have a list of dogs to adopt! Just more proof that looks, and assumptions, can be very, very deceiving.
Des, called the "Cat Man" carried around this little guy all day. He needed to be fed every few hours.


Leigh said...

I kid you not: Yesterday morning, the three of us were reading the paper in bed (ok, I was trying to read the paper and T and the Kiddo were frolicking around trying their best to distract me!) and the Kiddo saw the huge photo accompanying that article and became OBSESSED with kissing the two puppies in the arms of the biker dudes! He wouldn't was like a huge lovefest that left the Kiddo's face and hands black with ink smudges. So cute.

Kelly Anne said...

Haha! That is awesome!