Sunday, August 24, 2008

polaroid memories

My classes may not start until September 4th, but I'm already feeling the heat. I accepted an internship at the planned National Law Enforcement Museum, which I started last week. I'm a researcher, and I've already racked up some serious millage at the Library of Congress. In the midst of my second week there, I met with my mentor at the Corcoran, so I'm getting revved up for this week's orientation. It's looking to be a pretty heavy semester, so you can forgive me if I'm already feeling nostalgic for the beach, can't you?

My scanner and I reached an uneasy truce yesterday, wherein it allowed me to scan my Polaroids and I allowed it to remain in one piece. I'm no expert on Polaroid photos, but I'm rather pleased at how these turned out.

Launch Fee

George's shoes

periwinkle skies

empty chairs


Leigh said...

Those are so nice! I particularly like the third one from the top.

Kelly Anne said...

Thank you! We had storms just about everyday and the sky turned all sorts of amazing colors.