Monday, August 25, 2008

breathe in, breathe out

So my grad school orientation begins tomorrow and I'm currently suffering from a mild case of hysteria due to my looming future. Not that I'm not excited about school. Boy, oh boy, am I ever. I've got a great job with a museum that will look great on my resume, is a lot of fun, allows me to devote time to life and schooling and it pays, for God's sake, but still I'm terrified. It's a sort of "the-rest-of-my-life-begins-tomorrow-ohGodohGod" thing. So, please world, will you forgive me for spending this day hiding in my house eating double-stuffed Oreos? Please?

Well. As soon as I finished writing the above, I went to open a bottle of black cherry spritzer which promptly exploded all over me, the desk, and my package of Oreos. Now there are tiny droplets of spritzer all the way from the computer to the kitchen sink and my terrified dogs will never trust a plastic bottle again. The universe has spoken. I'll make something useful out of this post.

Knack Studios has posted its latest before & after. Check out the awesome Deco style on that piece. Unfortunately, the gorgeous grain has been lost under the paint, but I'm so glad that the curved Howard Hughes-y drawer pulls have stuck around.Oh, and will you check out the styling on this photo? I've been a teensy bit obsessed with huge industrial letters and retro globes lately, so the whole set up just seems to scream "TAKE ME HOME." Would that I could, pretty dresser, would that I could.

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