Wednesday, July 2, 2008

summer roadsters

I made my first trip to the pool yesterday. After washing the paint flecks from my legs (I'm in the midst of painting, hence the light blogging), I floated for a bit, then pulled out my headphones (a birthday gift to myself), pulled out my magazines, and lay in the sun.I've seen small classic and vintage cars appear more than a few times in design magazine spreads this summer, and one from Elle Decor caught my eye yesterday. The article is about the house, but what I noticed first was the car and scooter. They just seem to shout "carefree summer."
Something similar from Cottage Living. I like the house well enough, but check out that great little car! I love that car! And its got a basket strapped to the back, in case you were in doubt of its summery awesomeness.

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