Saturday, May 3, 2008

framed up

Living at home with my parents (lovely folks that they are) while going to grad school has its upsides and its downs. The ups? No rent, proximity to school, rather a lot of free food, rides to the Metro to avoid paying steep parking fees. The downs? Living with parents at 23, bit of a lack of independence, definite lack of my own space. Now, don't get me wrong, I adore my room. It's the smallest of the house's bedrooms, but its four big windows makes it the sweetest real estate. The problem is that I am a collector. Books, prints, paintings, candlesticks, picture frames, you name it; if I have one, I have six. Worse, I am a collector who hates to throw things away.

Plus, having lived in 5 different locations in as many years means that my belongings aren't just disorganized. They're a bloody mess. However, as further moves are not in my immediate future, I've resolved to get things in order and make the best of my lovely little living space. The first order of business--the walls.

I have many, many pieces of wall art. Everything from framed postcards to oil paintings to tile mosaics, and I want them all on the walls. Which is hard, as my beloved windows take up lots of wall space. So I've been browsing for ideas and ways to make the space work. Here's what I've come up with:

from sfgirlbybay's interview of Nina van de Goor

from Domino, originally in August 07 issue

from Domino, originally in Jan/Feb 06 issue

from Domino, originally in April 07 issue (and I also love that wall color..hmmm....)

from Domino

from Domino, originally in October 05 issue

from sfgirlbybay's interview with Andrea Jenkins--you've seen this here before, but I just adore that grouping of frames in the upper right

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