Sunday, May 4, 2008

the colors, Duke, the colors!

So I've had mad colors on the brain since deciding that the mustard-yellow walls of my bedroom had to go. Fortunately, the internet is accommodating my mindset.

both from the style files, images from Danielle's recent trip to Istanbul

also from the style files, photo by Vincent Leroux

hula seventy: green monday

hula seventy: yellow tuesday

hula seventy: orange wednesday

hula seventy: pink/red thursday

hula seventy: blue friday

Then there's always Chris Cobb's bookstore organisation project, which I read about in Neil's journal ages ago. Now that was colorful.

And the home-grown version:

Ah, internet. As always, you provide me with far more inspiration than I know what to do with.

ps: did you get the reference? Yeah, I'm a child of the 90s.

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