Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Things I'm Digging

Here are some things I am digging the heck out of right now, presented in a pictoral list:

After years of searching, I have found the perfect bedspread--the Isleta Duvet from Anthropologie, but of course it is excessively expensive, as it is from Anthropologie.  I called my mother, heartbroken.  "I found the perfect duvet, but it's a million dollars!"  "Then it isn't perfect, is it?"  Fair point, Mom.  My only hope is that everyone else on the planet finds it horribly ugly and I'm able to snatch it up at cost.
I bought this dress intending to wear it to a wedding, realized it wasn't right for the occasion immediately after putting it on, but loved it too much to return.  It's the Sunset Valley Dress from Need Supply, and if you intend to hang out with me much this summer, you should get used to seeing this dress because it is maybe the best thing I have ever owned.
 I would like a pair of these in every color.  I usually stay far away from heels if given the choice, but I am loving that wedges are back in fashion, and Marais USA's T-Bar Wedge most of all.
 One of the advantages to having a fully black dog is that graphic collars looks great on her.  You might think that's a silly statement, but remember I am the girl who gave her dog a red velvet chair because she looked fantastic sitting in it.  Vista's collar is looking rough these days, and I'm dying to replace it with one of these from See Scout Sleep.  Specifically the bottom one.  I'd even spring for a matching leash.
 Speaking of dogs, have you seen the tumblr Maddie on Things?  It is the best.  Maddie, a coonhound, is positively the best at being on things, and her owner, Theron Humphrey, is the best at capturing her on them.
 I downloaded the first book in Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series this weekend, and since then I have read one of them a day.  I cannot stop.  They're paranormal romance, only instead of the typical overplayed vampire trope, the heroine can control the weather and the hero is a Djinn.  Caine is aces at keeping up the momentum without making you feel like you yourself are running a race, and the snappy, sassy dialogue keeps the repeated brushes with the apocalypse from feeling too maudlin.  I'm up to book five, and I will probably finish it today.

I am loving Felicia Day's Youtube channel (called "Geek and Sundry"), and the show Table Top in particular.  It's hosted by Wil Wheaton, and if you think that watching a bunch of people play table top games sounds super boring, I will tell you that a week ago I was right there with you, and I was totally, absolutely wrong.  Table Top's strength lays in its fun guests and clever editing, as well as Wil Wheaton's diabolical charm.
 Recently, I've been rewatching Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.  I haven't been devoting all of my attention to them--they're usually on while I write, or research, or generally have my finger on the beating pulse of social media.  But the fact remains that--my love for Star Wars aside (and let it be said that I love Star Wars, an awful, awful lot)--Stargate is my sci-fi.  That's it.  It's a universe I adore, and one I'm getting a kick out of revisiting.  Good guys, bad guys, wormholes, wonky physics, space ships, and lots and lots of snark.  All of both shows are on Netflix.
 And, just to bring things full circle, I'll end on a covetous note.  I am in love with this ring.  I stumbled across it on the Need Supply website some weeks ago, and have been actively coveting it ever since.  It's made by In God We Trust, and it's everything I love in a ring: delicate, simple, but not uninteresting.  I'll be spending a week in the same city as Need Supply next month, and it's going to be an exercise in temptation.

So there's your haphazard list of things I've been digging lately.  When I dig, I dig deep, as the whole 5-books-in-5-days thing probably indicates.  Maybe you will dig one of these things, too!

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