Friday, November 18, 2011

In Which I Rake Some Leaves

Fill ten bags, I was told.  That was my mission.  "Ha!" I thought to myself, "If you think I'm not going to attempt to make the largest pile of leaves I can, then I don't know what sort of child you think you raised."
I was scolded, as I attempted this.  "You're just creating more work for yourself!"  "This is a chore, Kelly, it isn't meant to be fun."  But this was nothing compared to the reaction to my decision to jump into one of the piles.  I was told that adults don't jump into leaf piles because we're heavier, and I was going to hit the ground and hit it HARD.

Did I?  Yes.  Did it hurt?  Hell yes.  Did it stop me from doing it a second time?  OF COURSE NOT.
Did the dogs attack me as soon as I hit the ground?  Duh.

In conclusion:

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