Friday, November 18, 2011

Duvet Devotions

There are two things I love, and love devotedly: stripes and bedlinen.  I searched long and hard for my current duvet, and it has served me well, but it's also gotten a bit beaten up.  This is a laughable statement if you've ever watched a movie on my couch while I cocooned under one of my raggedy comforters (one bought at age 2, one at age 18--somehow in equal states of comfiness and disrepair), and to you I say: Shut up, I want some more stripes, okay?  I love this West Elm duvet, in grey or blue (and where was the yellow two years ago while I was madly searching for one just like it?).  I'd probably have to paint my walls something warm and ochre-y to avoid making my window-filled bedroom feel arctic, but that's alright.  I love stripes more than I hate painting.

I'd pair it with some pretty, soft Toast sheets and snuggle in to hibernate the winter away.  Be quiet, you naysayer.  In my fantasy, none of my black-furred animals shed at all.

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