Wednesday, January 27, 2010

home again, home again

Hello, friends.  I am back in Virginny, and have been from over a week.  Here is the thing about me: as much as I love to travel, I am not very good at returning.  I get back from somewhere, could be the next town over, could be Timbuktu, and all I want to do is wallow in being home.  So please forgive my lack of posts!  (I was also in a clients house with no internet access for the first several days, so it's not entirely laziness on my part).

My trip to Memphis was a blast, if very different than I had thought it would be.  I was originally going to end my trip with a weekend in St. Louis (number 9 on the list), but my family there stood me up (for a very good reason), so I came home from Memphis a little early.  For some reason only one of my rolls of film actually came out, and I haven't brought myself to check to see which one, but as soon as I do you will have photos.

It is good to be home.

photo via weheartit

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