Thursday, December 3, 2009

gimme, day 9

vintage pyrex

photo by clumsy bird
I love, love vintage Pyrex bowls and dishes.  I especially love the mixing bowl and casserole sets, and have compiled a list for your browsing ease.  You're welcome.
Mixing bowls:


Refrigerator dishes

Extra: yellow, yellow, yellow

l-r: here, here, and here
There was evidently a large proliferation of the medium/large (2.5 qt) sized nesting mixing bowl from the Primary series.  This is fine by me, I could fill a room with these lovelies.

for more information on pyrex history and patterns, check out Pyrex Love.


Hence72 said...

Hi, pleased to meet you

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Marley said...

My mom has a ton of this stuff!

Kelly Anne said...

Ah, yet more reasons your mom is awesome.