Friday, December 4, 2009

gimme, day 10

ipod touch

I've been an iPod girl for a good many years now.  I've been lectured by friends who are fans of the Zune and other non-apple mp3 players, but in the end, the iPod is what I know and I quite like it.  My friend Gloria has an iPod Touch, and I freely admit to lusting over it.  And this might be the geekiest thing I've said on this blog, but the thing I lust over most is...the calendar app.  Since I have a MacBook, I am able sync my ical with my little ipod nano, but I can't actually edit the calendar from my nano.  I have a moleskine planner which I adore, but 99% of the time, I am simply not organized enough to keep up with both of them.  Which is quite important for my job.

Also: it's really pretty, and since I started listening to podcasts more and more, I frequently run out of room on my nano.  I am not picky about memory size, internet.  If it's bigger than my old nano, I'm happy.

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