Friday, November 6, 2009


Oh, 'Roid Week. I am truly sorry to see you end. This week has been such a blast, both because of the outpouring of polaroid love in my RSS feed, and the fact that it's forced me to focus more on blogging.  I've needed this badly. 

So, here it is: my favourite polaroid (of mine).  I think the reason is probably obvious.  The carnival setting, and that sky--it's perfect.  This was taken on our day trip to El Tigre, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.  A part of me wishes we'd gone into the fair there, but in the end I think I love it more from the water, just colors, movement, and distant noise.

Just because the week is ending, doesn't mean that the polaroids are going anywhere!  The group pool will remain, with over 1,500 beautiful shots to peruse.  If you can resist getting lost in all that beauty, then I'm sorry, but you probably don't have a heart.  Just sayin'.

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