Sunday, September 20, 2009


My weekend started Friday, with a field trip to the Chester County Historical Society in West Chester, PA.  CCHS has a phenomenal collection of 19th Century costume (as well as other centuries, but we were there for the 19th C stuff), which I can't show you photos of or I would be in big trouble.  Did you really want to see them anyway?

In addition to CCHS, we all really loved the town of West Chester itself.  Here is one reason why:
wally's wiener world
All but one of us brought lunch along, but the one who didn't bought a dog from Wally's Wiener World and just raved about it.  A GPS search for a nice place to sit and eat took us to the Brandywine Picnic Park which, although closed for the season, was still lovely.  I wandered about with my polaroid, snapping happily while everyone ate. 
red 2
After I got home from PA, I felt like cooking (and if you know me, then you know that this could very well be a sign of the coming apocalypse), so I made some crepes!  This was a first, and for awhile my success rate was rather pathetic, but I got into the groove and overcame, man.

Saturday, I hung out with a sweetie-pie hound mix named Betty at a HART adoption event.  I adopted my cat from HART, which stands for Homeless Animal Rescue Team, and because my schedule is pretty open this semester, I decided I'd devote some time to the charities I love most.  This will hopefully be the start of many adoption days to come!

Today has been slow, slow, slow, with a brief period of time during which my scanner decided not to be a doofus and do its job (hence why there are actual polaroids in this post!), but it was over as quickly as it began.  I finally got sick of its mood swings and went ahead and ordered a new Epson flatbed like the one we have at school which works like a charm.  I'm really excited!  Tonight, I am going to try out another new recipe (make for your bomb shelters), this one for fun pizza wontons.  I'm also going to attempt to make a sauce from scratch, since the chef across the street is in Italy and (with his blessing) we've been picking his veggies.  Then, I will settle in to watch the Emmy's solely to catch NPH's Dr. Horrible-themed performance.

How has your weekend been?

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