Friday, August 28, 2009


hotline pink

My aunt has been involved with the Hotline thrift stores since she first moved down here a decade or more ago. So, when my other aunt, with whom I'm living, decided to spend the summer here in her new house, she naturally signed up to be a volunteer at one of the stores, as well. It's a seriously awesome organization. Plus, the stores get such a huge volume of donations, from paperbacks to sofas, that there's almost a constant stream of new items. Both my aunts have found furniture there (in the case of one, an entire suite of wicker she painted white for her porch), as well as clothes and jewelry. I simply love the place. Over the course of the summer, I'm brought home lots of books, plus some clothes and a pair of shoes.

The thrift stores also work with a little place in Manteo called Endless Possibilities, which takes donated pieces which are stained or unwearable and turns them into woven treasures. It's a must-visit if you're in Manteo, and believe me, if I lived down here full time, I'd totally sign up for weaving lessons.

The stores themselves raise money and support for Hotline's real mission: promoting a safe community and providing shelter and aid to victims of violence and abuse.

Some of the other places I've found treasures this summer are:
Lammer's Glass
Nags Head Antique Mall

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Anne said...

Kelly is an accomplished thrift store shopper and was a delightful room-mate this summer. I will remember her every time I see an Oreo cookie, diet Dr. Pepper or a Romance novel -- man she can read!

Love -- Anne