Friday, August 28, 2009

bright lights, little city

I'm down to my last 3 days living the beach life down here, and I think I'm finally ready to go. I miss my dogs (although one of them has moved into a frat house) and my pals, and I'm tired of driving around with an antique desk in the back of my car. Although I'm less excited about classes starting, I am feeling pretty jazzed for fall. Especially with the Crafty Bastards blog giving me tantalising tastes of what to expect at the fair in October.

Take Bright Lights, Little City, for example. Lamps. Made of cocktail umbrellas. De-lish.


Marley said...

Very cute! Can't wait for you to get home!

I am also excited for fall :-) It's definitely one of my favorite seasons. I love the changing leaves, the temperatures, the smell in the air, hot apple cider,'s all good

PS, you've gotta come by and see our house!!

Kelly Anne said...

I can't wait!