Sunday, May 3, 2009


photo by wiloland
Do you ever have a day that feels like everything around you is working in concert? This weekend has been like that, a little bit. I love to write letters and postcards, as much if not more so than I love to receive them. I had spotted stationery based on old British telegram cards at some point in my internet wanderings, and decided yesterday to search it out. I found it, among the charmingly sarcastic wares sold by 16 Sparrows, which is where I also found the Letter Writers Alliance.
The LWA has its own stationery, blog, and password-protected members area. After placing an order for stationery and my very own membership card, I went perusing through the blog, which is when I discovered Postcrossing. A postcard sending project? Signed up for that one, too! And then, as if the universe had not informed me with sufficient clarity that I should be writing a letter right now, go on, get to it, Marjorie M. Liu, one of my favourite authors, blogged a photo-filled post about her trip to the Shanghai Postal Museum.

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