Thursday, April 30, 2009

going slowly

One of my must-read blogs these days is The World Effect, which follows a honeymooning couple who are traveling the world (they've just been in Buenos Aires, which made me especially happy--I took copious notes). I was raving about it to my friend J, and she referred me to the blog Going Slowly, which chronicles the trip J's friend Tara and her boyfriend Tyler are taking across Europe and Asia--on bicycles.
In addition to the gorgeous photos (on the site as well as Tyler's Flickr), Going Slowly is chock-full of extremely helpful information for all those thinking of embarking on a similar journey of their own--from how they spent 18 months budgeting, to a comprehensive vaccination checklist, even how they designed and prototyped their own portable oven after one they ordered proved to be a disappointment.
Personally, I'm in awe at how committed they are to this incredible journey--not only to complete it, but to enjoy every minute of it.
Thanks for the tip, J!

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