Friday, February 13, 2009

red days

I have never been in a relationship when V-Day rolled around (except for freshman year in high school...but that's best left forgotten), so it usually passes pretty uneventfully for me. I am not the bitter Valentine's Day-hating type of persistently single person, in fact I rather like the day. My mother gifts me with heart-smattered socks, PJs, and on one memorable day, a crown, and so it goes by, perhaps with slightly more chocolate than usual. All that said, I have actual plans for tomorrow. I am going to make myself some of these.
Mine will not be nearly so pretty, and I will most likely go with store bought icing rather than make my own, but here's hoping they'll be tasty! Happy Valentine's Day, y'all. Eat a cupcake, spread some love.

via Jo


Marley said...

I love those! They look so good :-)

Kelly Anne said...

They were delish. Hope your V Day was wonderful!