Saturday, February 14, 2009


Oh yeah, have I mentioned how much I loved Coraline? I saw it last Friday in 3-D (d...d....d...d...) (I always feel that 3-D should automatically come with a dramatic echo), and it was wonderful. If you and your honey (or any other companion, for that matter) are casting about for ideas this weekend, I highly recommend seeing this film. It is not from Tim Burton (not that there's anything wrong with him), and it is fantastic. Kudos to Henry Selick and Laika for making this film a success, and to Neil Gaiman for thinking the whole thing up to begin with (he won the Newberry, you know)!

It occurs to me that this post does not make that much sense. There are far too many parentheses, for one thing. Forgive me, it's late and I've been staring at my C.V. for far too long. Bottom line: see the film. (IN 3-D!!)

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