Saturday, January 10, 2009

what's the password

I know I sound like a broken record goin' on about inauguration stuff (ironic since I won't be attending), but it's just so much fun watching the whole town light up like it is! Washington is chock-full of museums, most of them free, which is great! However, having the Smithsonian around does mean that museums which aren't free tend to get short shift. Both the Phillips Collection and the Corcoran are great museums, and this month they're both offering a buy-one-get-one ticket deal. For the Phillips, you need only utter the correct word (psst, it's "inauguration"), while the Corcoran requires you bring in a coupon (click on the Avedon header here to access).

I've been a longtime fan of the Phillips and can't recommend it enough, but I also urge you to check out the Corcoran, specifically the Richard Avedon show. It's fantastic, well worth the price of admission, and time is running out to see it. The museum will be closed from January 26-March 13 to undergo a roof restoration, so hurry in!

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